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- Imagine your child developing the qualities needed to succeed as an adult BEFORE they graduate high school

- Develops the self confidence needed to resist peer pressure

- Physical conditioning

- Develops character and leadership

- A proven process for developing, discipline and self confidence AT ANY AGE!

Its a great cure for Bullying without violence...Bullys don't pick on confident people

- It gets you OFF THE COUCH!







The mission of Rhea Martial Arts Academy is to facilitate the development of discipline and self confidence in the youth and young adults of Marion County.  I offer a pathway to develop these qualities by providing exceptional Martial Arts instruction.  I pray that the result of this effort will be Marion County residents who serve this community and, in turn, pass those qualities on to their children. Proverbs 22-6


-RMAA is one of only 80 Martial Arts schools nationwide authorized by the United Fighting Arts Federation to teach Chun Kuk Do, the system founded by Chuck Norris

-Mr. Rhea has over 33 years of Martial Arts instruction experience and holds Black Belt rank in 4 Martial Arts

-Dedicated Judo Program via the Hamilton Judo Club (Jerromy Downey - Instructor)

-I offer a combination of styles and techniques founded on ancient arts that prepare students for contemporary self defense situations

- No long term commitment required



RMAA is affiliated with the United Fighting Arts Federation as is one of only 95 schools worldwide chartered to teach the Chuck Norris System

Mr. Rhea also holds black belt rank in:

Tae Kwon Do - 5th Degree

Hap Ki Do - 2nd Degree

Judo - 2nd Degree

Self-Defense classes at RMAA are Yong Moo Do/Yudo based and reflect a Korean Military Combatives approach to street survival

RMAA also offers:

Martial Arts Weapons


Introductory Courses

Adult and Children Classes

Woman's Self Defense

Basic Self Defense (no belt tests)

Black Belt Leadership Program


Belt Test OCT 10 10AM
Regional Test OCT 24 Atlanta
NOV 1-14 Mr. Nalls Teaching
DEC 8 Cookout at Mr Rhea's house
July 2016 ITC Las Vegas

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